giovedì 19 febbraio 2009

Turning Flat tower

Typology of intervention: mixed use eco sustainable tower concept design Location: Dubai U.A.E Designers : Arch. Claudio Catalano Purchaser : Emirates Developers

The turning flat tower intends to be the organic answer to the rising use of renewable energies in architecture and especially on high buildings, aiming to an integration of the building with the energy climatic reality of the place . An organic building is conceived by principles of development originated from the interaction with the energy and its exploitation. Shape, structure and energy are the three variables on the basis of the concept. The building is developed up right and dynamically as a plant that takes up its shape from the outward elements which it interacts with. The tower is altogether 361metres high and with 73 floors destined to hotels, restaurants, conference halls and offices for a whole area of 84.400 square metres. The covering and the inner parts were conceived as an intricate circulatory system that allows the cooling of the air and outside such a system made up of solar syphons permits the natural ventilation on the different storeys, the system of ventilation gives the tower its typical slenderness. The 90° rotation, according to the vertical axis, gives more dynamism to the whole and optimizes the natural ventilation, whereas the attics are fixed to the central bearing wall and to these the front and the inner circulating systems; about the front opaque elements it will be used aluminium with an integration of photovoltaic equipment that will be also used for the transparent curtain wall areas. The natural cooling system and the integrated photovoltaic system guarantee the energy self-sufficiency of the tower. The turning flat introduces the concept of sound planning connected to the concept of tower typology: it is formed in such a way that by the impact of the wind and the flow of thermal current its walls produce harmonic sounds so that to create a resonant habitat only hardly perceptible, but that contributes to link the tower to the place where it originated; the acoustic design becomes an integral part of the architectural concept with the hope that whole towns can pay attention to their environment and sound features getting rid of the white noise that marks the current acoustic pollution.

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