lunedì 19 gennaio 2009

ECOBAY: photovoltaic waterfront in Dubai

Claudio catalano Architect

Location: Dubai Area waterfront 340.000 sqm, Length forehead sea 3.180 mt, Residential area 112.000 useful sqm, Gemstone hotel n. 10 towers h. 90 mt, area sqm 25.000 for every tower, Mall and mixed use 400.000 sqm, Bay tower hotel height 170 mt. area mt. 35.000, All the structures will be endowed with panels and systems of photovoltaic façade, Other systems photovoltaic will be integrated in the park, Energy solar Dissalatoris will furnish necessary water to the growth of the varied arboreal kinds, The whole waterfront will exclusively be pedestrian and the automobiles will have access to the inferior level with situated parking lot on the central axle under the mall and the blocks residential elevators and mobile staircases will directly bring to the plan of the park.Aggiungi immagine

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